New release soon

Working on new great feature : synonyms

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Windows 10

KeySpeech is compatible with Windows 10

Many thanks for KeySpeech’s interest around the world !


New release soon

KeySpeech 3.0.0 will be released soon.

This new release will support Microsoft DirectX Input !

Hotkeys section is redesigned :


New release

KeySpeech updated to version

Now KeySpeech is compatible with Windows 8.


KeySpeech will be compatible with Windows 8 soon.

Falcon BMS

For those using the simulator Falcon BMS (, this is my current project:

TeamSpeak Plugin release

The version 1.1.15 of the Plugin now support all character set.


Now KeySpeech has a FREE license with TeamSpeak (@TeamSpeak) !


New release

Changes :

  • KeySpeech’s Plugin for TeamSpeak has had a major update, well,   KeySpeech has a new section within the Voice Command Editor.   This new section can add whisper to channel, move to channel and whisper to client.
  • Minor improvements.

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