TeamSpeak Plugin release

The version 1.1.15 of the Plugin now support all character set.


Now KeySpeech has a FREE license with TeamSpeak (@TeamSpeak) !


New release

Changes :

  • KeySpeech’s Plugin for TeamSpeak has had a major update, well,   KeySpeech has a new section within the Voice Command Editor.   This new section can add whisper to channel, move to channel and whisper to client.
  • Minor improvements.

Lire la suite

Next KeySpeech Update

The next KeySpeech’s plugin update for TeamSpeak will include another group for to set a whisper to client. All whisper’s lists will have no limit. Free edition will be available for to run with the plugin.

This update is in progress.

TeamSpeak 3.0.2

KeySpeech’s plugin is updated for TeamSpeak 3.0.2

New release

KeySpeech updated to version

This update brings minor improvements when executing a voice command and bug fixes.

TeamSpeak Plugin version and above is required.

New release

KeySpeech updated to version
This update fixes voice commands to set whisper within TeamSpeak plugin.